Some Critical Themes Regarding the International Migration of Albanians After 1990s


  • Lekë Sokoli University “Aleksander Moisiu”, Durres-Albania Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS)


The phenomenon of migration has been at the core of economic and social changes of Albania during last two decades. No other European Country has been affected to such extent by migration in such a short period of time. That’s why Albania as considered a kind of Laboratory for studying the migratory phenomenon in new Europe and global world. Trying to understand the international migration of Albanians and its meaning, the author treats some Critical Themes of migration, speaking generally. First one is concerned with the size of Albanian migration: from one third (people born in Albania living abroad) to half (Albanian that have experienced migration, during the same period of time). Another Critical Theme is concerned with migrants, as contributors on Albanian economy. The third Critical Theme is concerning with the conclusion that the international mobility of people is a controversial issue with attitudes ranging from openness and tolerance toward immigrants in good economic times, to reluctance and even xenophobia and resentment, particularly during times of economic slowdowns, unemployment, and financial insecurity. Another Critical Theme is concerning with the asymmetrical development of the world in the time of globalization: the international mobility of goods (commodities) and capital (money) across countries is much freer than the international mobility of people. This can be called the “people’s paradox of globalization”. Another Critical Theme is concerned with the correlation between migration and development in the net migration countries. Albanian migration has been the key factor of an “extroversion” economy, meaning that internal consumption greatly exceeds the capacity of national production. The author refers, thanks first to migration, the fast globalization of Albanian society and new concepts, such as: transnationalization, “globalizing communitarianism beyond borders”, multiculturalism, “Hybridization” of Albania etc.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n1p69


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