The Approach of the Social-Political Problems, in the Comedies of Kristo Floqi


  • Jonela Spaho Faculty of Education and Philology “Fan S. Noli” University, Korçë, Albania


Kristo Floqi is not only one of the most popular authors of Albanian comedy of the period 1912-1939, but can rightly be considered the founder of this genre, developed later in Albanian literature. As comedy arises as a need of expression in a society that seeks to emancipate because it mocks vices and shortcomings of the society, Kristo Floqi the 1912-1927 time frame, sharpened the pen of satire and humor and wrote about 20 comedies and farces which appeared on the scene from amateur theaters that existed at the time in Albania. One of the main goals of his comedies was the treatment of political and social issues of the time. He lived in a chaotic political reality that was present in Albania after the Declaration of Independence he found himself, being in power and closely to people the problems facing the state and society of that time and reflected on them with realism in his comedies. Social and political issues of his comedies mocked using power, ignorance and parasitism in power, intrigue, loss of national sentiment, greed for power, etc. Also, his comic pen has even treated some moral wound of the reality, such as hypocrisy, fraud, greed for wealth etc. The fact that the public received with pleasure and interest these comedies, and even applauded the strong ones, shows that these played their part comedy “catharsis“ for the Albanian society, during the period after the declaration of Albanian Independence.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n1p467


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