The Very Focal Cold War-A Panic Between Realism and Folklore


  • Abdul Zahoor Khan Assistant Professor, Department of History & Pakistan Studies Faculty of Social Sciences, International Islamic University, New Campus, Block# 1, Sector# H-10, Islamabad-Pakistan, Phone Office: +92-51-9019517, Cell: +92-300-5527644, +92-300-7293535


These tragedies can only be understood-and, it is hoped some future disasters averted by understanding the causes of this struggle between the United States and Russia. That conflict did not begin in 1945 or even with the communist victory in Russia during 1917. The two powers did not initially come into conflict because one was communist and the other capitalist. Rather, they first confronted one another on the plains of north China and Manchuria in the late nineteenth century. That meeting climaxed a century in which Americans had expanded westward over half the globe and Russians had moved eastward across Asia.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n2p165


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