Factors of Violence against Children, and Legislation to Protect Children from Violence in Albania


  • Neshet Ngucaj Member of Vlora Chamber Advocacy
  • Myzafer Elezi Lecturer Ismail Qemali Vlora University


Maltreatment of children is today one of the most acute pressing problems that Albanian society is facing. Increasingly present is becoming a bitter reality of child abuse in various forms within and outside the family. Vulnerable children, orphans and children with divorced parents often fall "prey" of exploitation and rape in the most diverse forms. Legislation in force that affects children's issues in recent years has significantly enriched in accordance with internationally recognized standards. the goal of the paper is to made a analyze of leghal framework about the children protection from violence. for the realization of the papers goal, are uised method of literature review and analyse method, based in legal disposites of Albania The article analyse the defionition of the Costitution, the Civil Code, the Family Code, and Penal Code. After the evaluation it shows the differences in leghal codes, and identiofy some weakness point. Although progress has been made visible, completion of legislation on violence against children in Albania is not yet a systematic activity, but an activity that is designated with campaigns, which are defined more by the interest of international institutions, covering rights children.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n6p389


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