HIV/AIDS Awareness and its Impact on the Profitability of Business Firms in Developing Nations


  • Cynthia Udeh
  • Wilhelmina Smith
  • Herring Shava


The impact of HIV/AIDS on South Africa as well as in the African continent is undoubtedly enormous, especially considering the percentage of the country’s workforce living with HIV/AIDS. This study becomes imperative when statistics shows that many owners/managers are not well aware of the challenges of HIV/AIDS in their business firms. This study investigated HIV/AIDS awareness and its impact on the profitability of business firms in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa, which could well relate to developing nations. The researchers use a target population of all the private business firms as well as the owners/mangers that are present in King Williams Town. A sample was drawn from the target population by the researchers. The sample size of 120 respondents (100 employees and 20 owners/mangers) was considered adequate due to the sensitive nature of the research. Based on the findings of this research, it was discovered that employees of business firms are not aware of issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS, business firms do not have a workplace policy on HIV/AIDS to minimise the impact of HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS does affect the profitability of business firms in developing nations. The study recommends that business firms and relevant stakeholders develop effective strategies in minimising the impact of HIV/AIDS at work place and on employee morale as well as to intensify HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns at firm level.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n7p244


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HIV/AIDS Awareness and its Impact on the Profitability of Business Firms in Developing Nations. (2014). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(7), 244.