Equal education for All: Reaching for the Mirage in Some South African Schools


  • Maura Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah


Education is one of the areas that the government of South Africa has identified in the delivery of promise to bring about equality for all. It is a tool through which people should be prepared to participate in the global village thus it has to satisfy the standards that are set by the international society. The study explored how teaching in the selected schools prepares the learners to function in the global village. Ten schools in the Chris Hani district were purposively selected as a sample for the study. Cognitive Load Theory was used as the springboard for the investigation and recommendations were made through the spectacle of the same theoretical framework. Data was collected through mixed methods design. Results showed that a number of schools in the sample are poorly resourced in human and material terms. There are a few schools where teaching and learning are properly facilitated.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n9p392


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