Performance Practice of Bata Ensemble of the Awori People in Lagos State, Nigeria


  • Isaac .A Yekini-Ajenifuja


Performance as a major means of expression of African music cannot be overemphasized because of its usage as a means of communication, education, entertainment, among others. The heterogeneous nature of African society creates divergent practices in its music. In Yoruba land, some musical practices are strictly practiced in certain locality while others are generally practiced across the land. Those that are generally practiced are not strictly the same as a result of human interaction, as such; every community has its own unique value added to its performance of music. The Bata ensemble music is one of the strictly practiced music in Yoruba land by the egungun and sango devotees that is gradually turning general. This paper examines the performance practice of Bata ensemble in Awori community. Its organization and musical style were also investigated. Library and field work was used in this paper to explore its empirical nature. It was discovered that composition of instruments, their names and its performance style is unique and slightly different from other localities.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n9p620


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