Supervisory Support Key to Female Career Satisfaction


  • Paul Poisat
  • Michelle Mey
  • Anthonie Theron


This study examines the importance of supervisory support in light of current career-related barriers experienced by many South African women. Despite all the changes that have taken place since the abolishment of Apartheid, the latest statistics on workforce profiles and movements show that many barriers exist for countless South African women in reaching top management positions. Due to perceptions of unfairness and discriminatory tendencies, female employees may adopt a pessimistic attitude and become dissatisfied with their careers. Data were obtained from 75 females employed in various organisations in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Validated measures were combined into a single questionnaire that assessed career satisfaction, supervisory support, withdrawal behaviours, and organisational commitment. Descriptive and inferential statistics confirmed the crucial role of supervisory support in ensuring that female employees remain committed to their organisation, are satisfied with their careers, and do not withdraw psychologically and/or physically from their organisation. Organisations need to employ supportive organisational experiences and practices in order to ensure that their female employees remain committed to the organisation and do not engage in various psychological and physical withdrawal behaviours.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n10p11


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Supervisory Support Key to Female Career Satisfaction. (2014). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(10), 11.