Traditional Method of Teaching Reading


  • Masello Hellen Phajane


Previous studies in South Africa examined the high dropout rate and repetition in the Foundation Phase schools in African schools. However, few studies have examined teacher’s perspectives in these grades (Barone 2005:47). Teachers are uncertain about the methods of approach they use to teach beginning reading to beginners. They developed methods of their own that are far superior to any that have been investigated and commercially published. Some teachers were more successful with some methods than other teachers, even with carefully equated classrooms. This study examined first grade teachers’ perspectives on teaching beginning reading in Sesotho using the traditional method of approach. The researcher collected data from one Foundation Phase School in Mothotlung Circuit of Brits District in North West Province of South Africa; she observed and interviewed the teacher on the teaching of beginning reading. Differentiation in terms of lesson presentations using traditional method, activities and assessment standards was used to accommodate all the children. On the other hand Au, (2003:44) said, different methods can be used to achieve the same outcome.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n15p212


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