The Place of Art in Parlance of Environment and Human Health


  • P.O Olawuni
  • P.S.O Aremu
  • E.I Benson


The ultimate of arts or art work is aesthetics enhancement. Aesthetic is a major determinant when considering a built up environment. It is also important to note that a serene and friendly environment is another determinant of people’s good health. This paper looks at the work of arts in terms of all artistic creativities in homes and cities, and their relevance to the present day environmental beautification, which equally has direct attribute to human health. An examination of artistic work and decorative devices right from individual homes (where available) is made. This was extended to the entire city in attempt to determine the aesthetic quality added to the environmental landscape. The contribution of aesthetic and good planning to the health of people was discussed. It was also pointed out that good art work constitutes aesthetic, and if well planned and articulated make a pleasant environment which in turn had a positive attribute to improved human health. It was therefore concluded that for a person to enjoy a complete good health, he/she needs beatified or aesthetic supportive environment. “It is a common feeling that most urban places are less than satisfactory – uncomfortable, ugly, or dull – as if they were being measured on some absolute scale. Only fragments of Settled world are generally excepted from this dismal view: an affluent suburb, a fine park, a historic town, the vital centre of some great city, an old farming region. If we could be articulate about why we feel that way, we might be prepared to make effective changes” (Lynch, 1981, p.1)

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n20p2261


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