Culturally-Responsive Strategies for Resolving Social Conflict in Rural Community


  • Alfitri Alfitri
  • Mohd Mahzan Awang
  • Abdul Razaq Ahmad


Conflict is an inherent reality and always exist in the community. The aim of this study is to explore the cultural aspects which contribute to the regularity and peace in a society, and the mechanisms in the form of conflict resolution models to resolve conflicts in the communities that rely on the value of local wisdom. The methodology of the research is a qualitative approach. Data collection was conducted by using in-depth interviews. Observations were done to look at the ways how people resolve conflicts by conducting and participating in traditional ceremonies. Data were analyzed through a coding process by three researchers in the form of a discussion to formulate the findings and conclusions of the study. The application of the model was agreed upon by several experts and specialists after a process of discussion. The results of the study showed that the value of conflict resolution through local wisdom in traditional local community outside of airports in Indonesia, particularly in Talang Sejumput area is able to maintain peaceful conditions in the community in a sustainable manner. The application of conflict resolution models in rural communities can be used as a reference in the resolution of conflicts in the societies with differences in culture and structure by adapting to the local values and cultural conditions of the local community.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n20p2267


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