Working With Generations X And Y In Generation Z Period: Management Of Different Generations In Business Life


  • Sezin Baysal Berkup


Mankind which is a social entity and whose most basic necessity is staying with other people have been in tendency of being together, acting together and uniting since the early ages of history. People living in the same period and therefore sharing the same conditions and even same experiences are influenced by each other. This situation results in the fact that individuals who are born, grown and brought up in the same or close periods have similar characteristics. It is not attractive that individuals who are shaped by the environment in which they are born and grown up, social, economic and cultural conditions, social cases and cases which interest the entire humanity have similar characteristics. Scientists moving from this point put forward the term “generation” in order to define individuals and their characteristics and carried out studies over this term. Within the scope of studies; the generation which was born between 1925-1945 was named as ‘Traditionalists’ silent generation and it was not subject of studies too much since it is regarded as a generation which does not have major effect. The generation which was born after World War II and therefore have the name of ‘Baby Boomers’ includes people born between 1946-1964 and representatives of this generation are regarded as those who are retired or about to retire today. The greatest aim of the generation which was born between 1965-1979 and named as ‘X Generation’ is considered as keeping pace with the changes in the world. Representatives of this generation have active role in social life and business life today. The generation which was born between 1980-2001 and named as ‘Millennials’ or as ‘Y generation’ as more commonly known are the children of globalization. For the children of this generation who have accessed the development and easiness of technology, technology is one of the cornerstones of life. Y generation which has an important place especially in business life has been subject for various studies today. The last generation which was born between 2000-2020 is the technology generation. Although this generation which regards technology as something indispensable has not got into business life yet, enterprises would have to make preparation for this generation within 10 years. Enterprises which are globalized and brought competition at international level today have to employ these individuals in one place who are belong to different generations therefore have different characteristics and structures. Employing rapidly changing generations of rapidly changing world in one place, keeping their motivation high and obtain efficiency from them is possible by knowing generations, learning characteristics of them and acting according to these characteristics. In this study, first of all the term generation will be mentioned, generations and their characteristics will be explained, then characteristics of different generations and formation of management process of enterprises will be discussed.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n19p218


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