Talent Management and Recruitment Strategies


  • Kamran Nazari
  • Peyman Akbari
  • Akbar Veismoradi


Since the organization of the future will face the challenges of an increasingly competitive, and to manage these challenges require more competent managers and executives today would be more effective, so the talent management becomes more important every day in organizations be enjoyed. The talent management as a system for identifying, hiring, training, promotion and maintenance of talented people, with the aim of optimizing the ability to achieve business results, by definition. Talent management refers to the process in which human talent for key jobs and positions it in the next, identified through a variety of programs of education, be prepared for these occupations. The research presented in this paper, the method was descriptive - analytical, that is, a library, and through review. Theses, journals, Latin, Persian, and took advantage of the book, this review recruitment strategies, and identify critical Talents as the initial step in the process is talent management, as well as to assess the benefits and disadvantages Energy issue inside and outside the organization, and approach to the issue of human resources, and tools to identify Talents the organization pays model.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n20p3085


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