The Impact of Students Intelligence Performance, According to Market Needs and Management of Reseources


  • EvisÇelo
  • Alba RobertDumi


Within the living civilization and the Post-Modern society, knowledge and management became the main fundamental resource. Over the last decade there is a growing role in the schools and universities perception and the society by which extensive reforms have initiated in the university system. However, the arised question here is: Do we really possess the conditions, the research or sufficient safety, so that the science student can confront the growing demands trade market? Meanwhile the trade market and employers organize their tests, hence the question naturally comes, how does these capable students by their scientific capacity can influence in developing a) the universities they derive from b) on the whole universal managing system as a global phenomenon c) the real post-industrial society and if self- accomplishments have benefit of two-way? This analytical article focuses on some dilemmas and on some data as much empirical as real based on statistics about how the universities react and display under the influence of these management challenges. What are the solutions or measures in higher education (e.g University of Vlora) that prepare and prevent drastic extremity of intelligence loss in the trade market? What are the basic differences in university education (e. g University of Vlora) and its role in society based on knowledge, intelligence and management of trade markets?

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n27p1194


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Çelo, E., & Dumi, A. R. (2014). The Impact of Students Intelligence Performance, According to Market Needs and Management of Reseources. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(27 P3), 1194. Retrieved from

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