History as Ideology


  • Lidiya I. Kirsanova
  • Olga A. Korotina


The article considers the question of re-ideologization in modern Russia and in the world. The author understands the ideology as the universal enforcing to joint being. Ideology as a universal refers to the same universals as law, art, science, religion, regulating social discourses according to historical era. The peculiarities of ideology in modern Russia are followings: ideology is the product of a cynical mind where the words do not correspond to reality, the truth of the ideology is impossible - it is pure co-communication without references; The ideology of modern Russia "steals" the story in order to manipulate the community, creates a "historical narrative" of such concepts as a great power, Empire, patriotism and glorification of military history, and so on; in ideology clearly differ suggestion (obsession with idea) and logos as an ideological construct, which is the operator of the emotional sphere of common life. The author notes similar processes of re-ideologization in the Western world - Europe, America. Ideologies have to justify the Foundation of the joint being in the presence of different regions, which is the Western world, Russian world American world and others, today the situation unfolds in a situation of dispute and even strife, when each of the parties comes from a different understanding of justice. There is a contradiction of studies: American atlantism based on the priority of human rights and the European mentality, committed to the Hegelian priority of law. In Russia the law, both domestic and international, guaranteed by the Sovereign is more important than the subjective right of man and citizen. Therefore, there are different ideologies that create conflicts.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s4p31


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