Study of the Relationship between Personal Factors and Emotional Divorce


  • Fatemeh Afrasiabi
  • Mohammad Rahim Jafarizadeh


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effect of individual factors on emotional divorce in “Behbahan” city. Method of research is based on the applied research and descriptive data collection methods. The Statistical population included all couples who went to family counseling centers and based on a review of these centers have been diagnosed with emotional divorce. 57 of those people were selected by simple random sampling and have been studied. A questionnaire survey was used to collect information and reach the goal of research. “Cronbach’s Alpha Test” and number 0.911 represents reliability of the questionnaire and data were analyzed by APSS software. The results of research show that individual factors are not equally effective on an emotional divorce. There is a significant relationship between emotional divorce and these factors: sex, understanding spouse, using nice words by spouse, spouse expectations, understanding spouse situations and using drugs. But there is not any significant relation between emotional divorce and these factors: doubt and pessimism, misplaced expectations, occupational differences, age, educational differences, forced marriage.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s6p406


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