What is a publishing house?

A publishing house company performs all of the steps necessary to produce a finished book and release it to the market. The author pays a fee that covers the cost of mechanical editing, page and cover design, printing and binding, as well as limited promotion, order fulfillment and other administrative services.

Do you publish any kind of manuscript?

No, we accept only Academic text books, Monographs, PhD thesis, in all fields from social sciences to nature sciences. We do not review or evaluate manuscripts for literary merit or market potential. There are also categories that we do not accept: libelous or racist material, hate literature, or pornography, for example. We reserve the right to reject any work that we may find to be unsuitable for our company.

How does the process work?

Once you submit your manuscript, our team will review it. If accepted, we’ll send a detailed publishing proposal that outlines how we’ll handle the publication of your book, and what it will cost. If you accept our proposal, you’ll return the signed contract along with the first payment, and we’ll get to work!

Should my manuscript be completed?

Yes, but anyway we would like to talk to you no matter where you are in the book development process. If you have an idea but would like help completing your manuscript, we can work with you to professionally write your book. If you’re in the process of finalizing your manuscript, contact us to begin the conversation about publishing your work when it’s complete. If your manuscript is complete, submit it to us for review. We can offer publishing contracts only for completed manuscripts.

How much I will be charged?

We customize our publishing packages to each book. Binding type, page size and whether illustrations are required are several factors that affect the price. Once we have received your manuscript, we will provide you with a full-service publishing proposal that outlines the fees. We’ll also outline the general production specifications of your book and how long it will take to complete. Anyway a minimum of price for up to 150 pages book and 10 hard copies to be send to the author the cost of publishing services is about 1100 GBP.

What about the copyright?

Upon publication the copyright will be registered in your name, not Richtmann’s. Manuscripts and unpublished works are protected by common law and statutory law from the point of creation. There is no need to obtain a formal copyright registration before submission to Richtmann.

How many hard copies I will receive?

This will be discussed with authors according their needs. A minimum of 10 hard copies will be included in the contract. If authors need more copies we will print as much as they need.

What kind of earning can I expect?

Authors receive a percentage of the retail price of each book sold. You should proceed with Richtmann because you want to see your work in print, not because of expectation of sales. Typically, self-published books do not earn enough from sales to recoup the expense of publishing. Authors may print and sell the book by themselves in proper country. All will be provided with cover and pdf of the book.

My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

If your question is still unanswered, contact the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.