Our global marketing team ensures your publication reaches potential readers and significant markets all around the world.

Print and digital marketing

Your book will be featured in our print and digital catalogues and subject newsletters that are distributed to universities, libraries, bookstores, academic associations and individual scholars around the globe. 

Global sales

Customers worldwide can easily discover, access and purchase your book as the result of our use of all major international databases. In addition to the dedicated webpage for your book on our website, your publication will be available from online retailers (such as Amazon) as well as specialist bookstores. We are continually working to forge new partnerships and expand our presence across the globe.  

Social media

We maintain active social media feeds with news about our publications and activities. Our Twitter and Facebook followers will have access to the latest information and can share and re-tweet with their friends and followers. 

Book launches

We encourage you to organize a book launch at your university department or a local venue. We will be happy to provide you with promotional materials for the event. 


We maintain close relationships with key international journals to which we send monthly review newsletters, ensuring that your publication is discussed within the global academic community. Any published reviews received by the Richtmann Publishing office will be sent to you electronically, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest academic discussion of your work.