Richtmann Publishing aims to be the most admired UK-based Publishing and Media Company of innovative services and solutions which builds on our core strengths in printing, publishing, distribution and retail, and with a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We desire to be responsible and accountable people who are committed to success, who produce results and attain their goals through creative and innovative means.

We believe that the exchange of ideas through open channels of communication is instrumental to our success. It will ensure that we are always at the forefront of our industry, pushing the boundaries.

Achieving a competitive advantage in publishing takes one part technology and two parts understanding. It’s really about defining how your business needs to grow and change, and clarifying how your market and competitors have shifted the landscape and requirements for success. Keeping up with changing requirements can be difficult when you are actively focused on trying to produce and generate revenue.

Authors, editors and societies should feel that Richtmann is their natural home: we believe in meeting the range of their needs, and in publishing the best of their work. We are a growing company, and our financial success comes from thinking creatively about our markets and actively responding to the needs of our customers. We aim to be people with high standards, who care for each other, and above all