Established in the vibrant city of London in 2014, Richtmann Publishing stands as a dynamic and innovative publishing house dedicated to nurturing forward-thinking ideas and celebrating the brilliance of authors. Founded by the visionary CEO, Prof. Sokol Pacukaj, in collaboration with esteemed former educators and researchers hailing from renowned institutions such as Oxford University, Sapienza University, and Link Campus University, such are the prof. Marco Cilento, Alessandro Figus, Claudio Folliti etc, Richtmann Publishing has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the realms of academic content and media communication.

At the core of Richtmann Publishing's mission lies a commitment to elevating academic discourse and fostering intellectual growth. Our unwavering focus is to lead the charge in the publication of scholarly works, ensuring that groundbreaking ideas find their rightful place on the global stage. With an insightful lens on media and communication, we endeavor to amplify voices that shape narratives and perspectives.

A testament to our expansive vision, Richtmann Publishing proudly owns and operates, a dynamic 24-hour online newspaper that provides a comprehensive and timely exploration of politics, history, economics, sports, culture, science, technology, and beyond, sourced from every corner of the world.

In pursuit of academic excellence, Richtmann Publishing oversees the publication of seven esteemed academic Journals. In a significant development, we acquired the Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Journal of Educational and Social Research, and Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences from Sciendo-Degruyter in 2019.  A particularly notable inclusion is the Journal of International Cooperation and Development, which found its new home with us in 2020 after being nurtured by the Department of Communication and Social Research at Sapienza University of Rome.

What sets Richtmann Publishing apart is our unwavering commitment to preserving the unique voices of our authors. We champion a delicate balance between editorial guidance and author autonomy, recognizing the invaluable significance of presenting one's work authentically and preserving the integrity of original arguments.

Our dedication to author satisfaction is ingrained in every facet of our publishing process. We wholeheartedly understand that the journey from creation to publication should be a gratifying experience. Authors and editors incur no cost, and we extend a suite of benefits including complimentary copies, substantial author discounts, free access to our eBook titles, and an equitable royalty scheme.

With a global perspective, Richtmann Publishing's publications resonate across borders, reaching audiences far and wide through esteemed international booksellers and distributors such as Amazon and IBS. Our presence is palpable in the academic community, as our titles adorn the shelves of prestigious academic libraries around the world.

Spanning beyond our London headquarters, Richtmann Publishing maintains a robust network, with representative offices situated in Rome and Brussels. This strategic expansion bolsters our commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships and engaging with diverse perspectives.

Guided by international Editorial Advisory Boards, our strategic direction and content remain influenced by the expertise and insights of accomplished individuals. For those interested in shaping the intellectual landscape, we extend an invitation to join our Editorial Advisory Boards and contribute to the growth of knowledge and innovation. To explore this opportunity further, please share your CV with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In essence, Richtmann Publishing thrives as a conduit for original thought, an advocate for authors, and a steadfast force in shaping the future of academic and media discourse. We are more than a publishing house; we are a catalyst for ideas that shape the world.