Corporate Entrepreneurship in Colombia: An Approach from Resources and Capabilities


  • Edwin Henao-García
  • Jose Arias-Pérez
  • Nelson Lozada-Barahona


Corporate entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurship activities that take place within established firms. Such activities have attracted the interest of researchers in the area of management and business for several years now. The aim of this work is to examine the influence of individuals’ resources and capabilities on corporate entrepreneurship in Colombia, using data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 and including 3,394 observations. The study draws on the Resource-Based Theory and uses logistic regressions in its methodology, considering differences between resources (entrepreneurial skills and competencies, entrepreneurial experience, personal networks and education) and capabilities (entrepreneurial intention and opportunity identification). This work offers theoretical and empirical contributions. Theoretically, it contributes to the development of the literature in the field of corporate entrepreneurship in Latin American emerging markets. Empirically, it serves as a guide for those managers wishing to foster corporate entrepreneurship in their firms.


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Corporate Entrepreneurship in Colombia: An Approach from Resources and Capabilities. (2018). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 9(1), 203.