The Islamic Banking, Asset Quality: ?Does Financing Segmentation Matters? (Indonesia Evidence)


  • Lucky Nugroho
  • Nurul Hidayah
  • Ahmad Badawi


Bank stability becomes one of the crucial pillars in maintaining economic growth. Therefore, the segmentation strategy is needed because it aims to improve the financial stability of the bank (decrease Non-Performing Loan-NPL / Non-Performing Financing-NPF). This study aims to determine the effect of segmentation on the quality of Islamic banks proxied with NPF. The method used is a quantitative method with multiple regression test and statistical tool Stata version 13. From the results of statistical data, it is known that the retail segment has a more significant influence than the wholesale segment, which is 92.61% and 56.05%. Therefore, sharia banks should have their business priorities in the retail segment, especially business in the microfinance segment by maintaining the quality of financing through selective financing channeling.


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Nugroho, L., Hidayah, N., & Badawi, A. (2018). The Islamic Banking, Asset Quality: ?Does Financing Segmentation Matters? (Indonesia Evidence). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 9(5), 221. Retrieved from