The Use of Social Media Job Search


  • Valentinas Navickas
  • Adriana Grenčíková
  • Jana Španková


The aim of this study was to determine the level of use of social network job search different generations X, Y, Z. We have used the method of literature study, the questionnaire method and the statistical methods, the method of comparison and deduction in the article. We meet the concept of a social network on a daily basis and many people use them. Among the young people, there is probably no one in a civilized world who would not come into contact with them. They are part of not only private but also professional life. People of generation X consider work to be the most important value in their value list. In their work they are loyal, they do not seek changes voluntarily, because they prefer certainty. This generation is characterized by the fact that technology and technology are not at the same level as the younger Y generation, but generation X is adapting to technical and information progress. People called Generation Y are considered to be an ambitious generation for whom it is important to have an interesting job and a high standard of living. This generation is looking for changes and challenges in its work. Generation Y favors their personal life, family, and partner in the ranks of values before work. They are innovative, creative and they like to develop and train in their work. They work efficiently and flexibly. Generation Z is the first generation that has not experienced a world without the ultimate digitization, they are called "digital people" and there is nothing easier for them to live without living communication with the world, they are more comfortable in the home on the Internet. Generation Z addresses everything with modern technologies.


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