Internal Return Migration in Rural of Vietnam: Reasons and Consequences


  • Ngo Trung Thanh
  • Philippe Lebailly
  • Nguyen Thi Dien


Many researchers have tried to explain the motivation behind out and return migration. However, few bodies of literature focus on selection of destinations of out migration, motives to return according to marriage status of migrants before the return and gender perspective of employments on the return. By surveying 68 returnees and applying participatory rural appraisal, this study shows that the personal and household characteristics of returnees before the migration create an effect on destination selections On the return, both single and married migrants are motivated by filial obligations to their parents. Single migrants’ motive associates to the potential failures that can be a burden on their livings after getting married. Married migrants’ motive to return results from living away from their children. This study also demonstrates that women play an important role in the development of agriculture. Additionaly, agriculture acts as a buffer to the negative impacts of return migration.


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Internal Return Migration in Rural of Vietnam: Reasons and Consequences. (2019). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 10(1), 27.