Analysis of the Demand of Dark Tourism: A Case Study in Córdoba (Spain)


  • Genoveva Dancausa Millán
  • Ricardo David Hernandez Rojas
  • Javier Sánchez-Rivas García


Visiting places where death is present, either due to a natural tragedy, war, the Holocaust, etc., or because there is the presence of a non-visible entity or paranormal phenomenon, is increasingly more accepted in modern times. It has become a kind of tourism that has grown in demand, though it remains a minority. The city of Cordoba, in the south of Spain, is swarming with houses and places where legends have endured over centuries as a consequence of the coexistence of three cultures – Jewish, Christian and Arab. In turn, popular culture considers these places as having a characteristic “charm” due to the phenomena that happen there. This work analyses the profile of dark tourism tourists, particularly in two sub-segments - that of ghosts and of cemeteries - as well as the existing offer. The aim is to design and improve a quality tourist product that is adapted to the requirements of the demand.


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Analysis of the Demand of Dark Tourism: A Case Study in Córdoba (Spain). (2019). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 10(1), 161.