Enterprise Performance and Assessment Policy in Albania, Needs Social Development Strategies as an Important Key


  • Alba Dumi Dean of graduated School “Ismail Qemali”Vlora University, Albania Economy Faculty, Management Department,”Ismail Qemali” University, Vlora Albania Economy Faculty, Management Department, Tirana University, Albania
  • Emine Emurllai PhD Candidate SEEU University, Public Administration Faculty, Macedonia


This paper research overview of the leader behavior literature highlighted the fact that there are inconsistent relationships between the behaviors that leaders engage in and the effects of these behaviors on member attitudes, behavior, and group effectiveness. Making decisions is fairly simple if no responsibility is attached to those decisions. True leaders always assume the responsibility for their actions, their plans, their programmer and their decisions. Courage and personal honesty, the marks of leadership, will permit nothing else. Albania like the other transitional countries is left behind from the western countries concerning the real understanding of the term ?management?. Also, management and the entrepreneurship skills are still considered as resources less efficient than the capital in a moment when management and entrepreneurship play a crucial role in business success and performance. The organizations are under pressure to show return on investment for training and development. Although positive trends, problems which management is faced are more challenging than the degree of preparation and performance that they offer, so their qualitative qualification remains the continuous preoccupation as the role of our school is in this direction. In this point of view education in distance can be considered as complementary approach and in some conditions as a worthy replacement of direct education, which still dominates educative systems in Albania. Implementation of efficient financial and economic policies in order to develop a socio-economic strategy, ensures security and stability in the interest of citizens .For this reason that the need for economic reform remains a priority as regional and European integration depends precisely this fact .Since 2006, Albania as a candidate country that aspires to European Union integration has applied and is monitored periodically for development mode of implementation of these policies. As expected, the unfavorable economic situation in the European continent is expected to have a negative impact on the Albanian economy. Either way, the fact that it will continue to have economic growth is good news for the country, especially in the context of a European economy in crisis.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n9p13


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