Learning Strategies in Second Language Learning and Teaching


  • Anita Muho University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës, Albania
  • Aida Kurani University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës, Albania


The aim of this paper is to provide a contemporary portrait of second language learning and teaching and to illustrate ways
teachers can incorporate these ideas in their own teaching practice. It attempts to clarify some of the fuzziness by trying first of all to
establish basic terminology and going on to discuss definition and classification of language learning strategies. This article provides an
overview of language learning strategies for second language teachers. Using language learning strategies and training in the L2 class not
only encourages learners in their language learning but also helps teachers reflect on and improve their teaching. The development of
language learning strategy theory and how it fits into the framework of contemporary language teaching and learning for students who
speak other languages is examined, and research on language learning strategies to date is reviewed.


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