Different Backgrounds and English Learning Styles of Bangkok University Student


  • Nuttanuch Munsakorn Bangkok University, Thailand


The purpose of this research was to investigate the influence demographics, gender, faculty, and level of general
English has on students? learning styles. Subjects were 410 students representing Accounting, Business Administration, and
Economics faculties and studying Business English courses at Bangkok University. A Perceptual Learning Style Preference
Questionnaire: PLSPQ (Reid, 1987) was used for collecting data via a five point Likert scale. Data were analyzed and calculated
in percentage, mean, standard deviation and Chi-squared test at the level of 0.05.The results show that Bangkok University
students do not have a specific style of learning English. The three main forms of learning English are; study in a group, learning
and practicing in different situations, and listening respectively. Some results varied based on gender, faculty and levels of
academic performance in general English variables. However, the styles of learning English did not.


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