Approaches and Differences on the Ratio Between History and Sociology


  • Jani Sota "Aleksander Moisiu" University of Durres, Albania


Today’s society constantly raises issues related to our lives, both in personal and social plans. Handling and resolving these
issues often require not only scientific knowledge but skills and attitudes to engage in discussions related to Historycal events and
especially to make critical judgments in dealing with sociological issues. Determining the difference between History and Sociology helps
people understand the impact of socio-economic activities and people in the community where we live, highlights developments in
relations between local, national and global level; highlights the ability of citizens to influence the life of community and beyond;
examines breadth and depth of sustainable development issues and promotes respect for people and other cultures in the environment
where we live.


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Approaches and Differences on the Ratio Between History and Sociology. (2012). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 3(3), 323.