The Participation of Human Reseources in Albanian Local Governance Obligates


  • Zhyljen Papajorgji Director of DAR regional office, Vlora Albania
  • Alba Dumi Dean of graduated School “Ismail Qemali”Vlora University
  • Irma Gjika Management Department ”Ismail Qemali” Vlore University


The role of the Human Resources Management in organizations has grown exponentially over the last decade. Specialized
professional training, such as certification, is critical for those practicing in the Human Resource field, in order to keep pace with the
demands of the industry. Democratic Albanian local governance is a prerequisite to the meaningful decentralization of infrastructure
management. When people participate in defining visions for sustainable development of HRM for their communities, in formulating
strategies for equitable access to services and resources and in setting priorities for action, they have endorsed. Participation also
sharpens their awareness of the interrelations between economic, social and environment issues. This is a highly significant feature of
infrastructure Albanian programs and carries important implications for local development. Decentralization on HRM has given local
governments the discretion and scope they need to take a lead role in responding to the challenges of economic downturn, degradation
of the urban environment, and social hardship. They institute bold initiatives and innovative practices.


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