Bridging Sustainable Societies Along Adriatic Peninsulas


  • Reis Mulita University “Marin Barleti” Tirana/Albania


The study will introduce a societal model of sustainable development and communication along Adriatic Peninsulas, using
traditional & modern motorways of seas bridging human values along Adriatic Peninsulas. Historically Adriatic Sea roots have linked
societies across Apennines and Balkan Peninsula coasts, bridging diverse social groups, ethnics, cultures, religious, and identities of
Europe and Asia. Under the EU perspectives Adriatic Motorways of the Seas are challenging communication of natural and human
values enhancing sustainable developments considering economy, society and environmental impacts. What should do contemporary
societies along Adriatic coasts to exercise sustainable communication generating long term human wellbeing ? The Present Corridor
Eight , a Pan European , one – the ancient ” La Via Egnatia “ will be introduced as a case study pointing out societal possibilities
exercising sustainable developments, linking Apennine with Western Balkans. Literature review, dates analyses, comparisons,
interviews, questionnaires using web communications, graphics, etc, will be some methodological approaches finalizing the paper
presentation. I’ll introduce a new concept of communication bridging Apennines with Western Balkans under sustainable principles of EU
experiences, considering all the Italy as a western gate of Corridor Eight that benefits societies along Adriatic Peninsulas. Cost benefits
economic activity, law carbon emissions, safe, clean and secure transport for passengers, using motorways of the Adriatic Sea and
Seaports of Italy and Albania, should promote touristic activity, using La via Egnatia as a Trace of cultural heritages, archeological sites.
Ill conclude the study pointing out that human and natural resources along Adriatic Sea Peninsulas support long term wellbeing’s, while
contemporary society should use the triangle principles of sustainable development.


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