Fier By-Pass and its Role in the Socio-Economic Development of Fier Region


  • Nevila Çinaj “Aleksandër Moisiu” University, Rr. Currilave, Lagjja Nr.1, Durrës
  • Jostina Dhimitri University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology, Tirana


During the last decade, a growth has been noticed in the investments for the improvement and transformation of the road
infrastructure. The realization of these investments according to the National Plan for Transportation is carried to support the
socio-economic developments in the country. The main purpose of this plan is the growth of the efficiency of the transportation
sector, which supports and prompts the growth of the other sectors in economy. The far-reaching plans aim to make a better
use of the farming & cattle growth, especially of the development of a decent sector for the economy, the services sector. This
sector is of a far greater importance when it comes to the tourism and its diversity in the country. Various studies have shown
that transportation infrastructure doesn’t bring a new economic growth, but it simply pushes the redistribution of this growth that
will happen somewhere else. This is the reason why the highways are designed for those areas where there is a potential for
economic growth in the future. As a result, the truth is that the highway need is due to economic growth and not vice versa.To
verify this fact was considered the case of Fier By-pass, part of the north-south corridor (highway). Giving high consideration to
time and space element, the working aims to show how this investment will affect the socio-economic development of the Fier
region. This analysis is also based on the weak socio-economic indexes of this region during the transition period. To draw the
conclusions, the working project uses SOWT analysis. This shows briefly the advantages and disadvantages of Fieri By-pass
and what options and threats will be offered from this new transportation segment for Fieri region.


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