An Analysis about Albanian Politics and Constitutional Changes of 2008


  • Elda Zotaj University of “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës


In some Eastern Europe ex-communist countries, the political transition is still an unfinished process. There are many reasons
and causes that have contributed to the unsuccessful set out and within the timeframes of this process. In this way of
transformation, institutional democratization and the establishment of independent institutions had result a real challenge for
these countries. In the context of the whole, Albania is a special case regarding the conflict of the political actors reflected this
in slowing the institutional processes of country democratization. The main purpose of this paper is to examine the impact it
has had the politics and political class in the direction of institutional democratization process and the creation of independent
institutions. The main argument of this paper is that the political class of these 20 years of transition is not yet completely well
detached from the totalitarian party-state system legacy, which is reflected in the not yet realization of independent and solid
institutions of the Albanian state.


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