Development of Flood Disaster Model through PAIC Process


  • Cherdpong Mongkonsin Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham 44150, Thailand
  • Nongnapas Thiengkamol Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham 44150, Thailand
  • Tanarat Thiengkamol Assumption University, Thailand.


The integrative research was done with participatory action research with Participatory Appreciate-Influence-Control technique
(PAIC) and qualitative research with focus group discussion. The sample was selected according to purposive sampling
technique. The PAIC was implemented with 38 community leaders who came from community that faced with flood disaster in
2011 from Kuntarawichai District in Mahasarakham Province with brain storming integrated in focus group discussion during
the training process. During training, Three Dimensional Evaluation (TDE) covers Self-evaluation, Friend-evaluation, and
Facilitator-evaluation. One -Way-ANOVA, and Paired t-test were used for data analysis. The research results illustrated that
before and after PAIC process implemented the posttest mean scores of knowledge of environmental education principle,
natural disaster from flood disaster, flood response behavior and training achievement score were higher than pretest with
statistical significance (p< .01, p< .01, p< .01, and p< .01). Three Dimensional Evaluations were employed for determination
the perceptions of 38 community leaders in three aspects evaluation covering Self-evaluation, Friend-evaluation, and
Facilitator-evaluation by using One-way ANOVA in order to investigate the participation of peoples and the result showed that
there were no difference of mean scores for participation in training process in past, present and future situations with
statistical significance (p>.05, p>.05, and p>.05). Moreover, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating for flood response
behaviors, it was found that the community leaders set plan and hold meeting with community peoples to implement project for
life safety with preparation of communication equipment, boat, food, water, drug, and place for living including establishing the
committee for surveillance, warning, and support from involved work unit. Moreover they hold program of disaster exercise to
move to safety place at good and very good levels in all aspects.


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