Milestones In Turkey’s Long Way To European Union Membership


  • Gökhan Turhan Suleyman Demirel University
  • Şakir Hüseyin Aksöz Suleyman Demirel University
  • Ferdi Akbiyik Suleyman Demirel University


The membership process of Turkey has been carried out since 1959 when Turkey first applied to join what was then called the European Economic Community. This process had profound influence on Turkey in many fields such as economy, social life, international policy, education etc. The first agreement signed between Turkey and European Union was “Ankara Agreement” which took place in 12 September 1963. This agreement envisaged establishment of customs union, which was aimed at integration of Turkey and European Economic Community in three main phases. Following this agreement additional protocols were signed. The year 1987 was another turning point for the process that Turkey applied for full membership on this date. In Helsinki Summit, which took place in 1999, Turkey was accepted as a candidate country. Five years later, in 2004 Turkey realized an important step on the way to becoming a full member. In 2004 European Union Member States decided that negotiations with Turkey could be initiated. The negotiations are still carried out. All of the agreements and protocols in the process required Turkey perform new policies which affect the society in many fields.In this study, milestones in Turkey’s long way for European Union Membership will be examined chronologically.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n11p781


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