Shifting towards Sustainable Events by Using Alternative Energy and Energy-Efficient Devices


  • Kola O Odeku Faculty of Management and Law, School of Law, University of Limpopo, South Africa


Energy plays a very significant role in all aspects of humankind. It is required for domestic, industrial and other usage. With regard to industrial activity, energy is used to power various equipment of a business, whether for lightning, operating the machines, devices or appliances. The events industry is no exception. Socially and economically, this is acceptable by all means. However, the concern is the use of fossil fuels in events which is harmful and destructive to the environment by causing global climate change. The article highlights that this is impacting the environment and threatening various social economic opportunities, including events. This article accentuates that there are other sustainable renewable alternative energies that can be used to generate and power equipment in business ventures, including events. The article analyses the complementary role of energy-efficient equipment with the use of renewable energy and shows that energy-efficient equipment will perform better functions and output than non-efficient fossil fuel energy equipment. The article points out that, in South Africa, there is a paucity of scholarly literature on the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient equipment in events, thereby creating a gap. It is against this scholarly inertia that this article makes a contribution by advancing an argument for the potential benefits of the use of sustainable renewable energy sources in events.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n14p835


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