Emanation of Beauty and Love in Hafez’s Sonnets


  • Ebrahim Rhimi Zanganeh Assistant professor, Razi University,Faculty of Arts,Persian Department, Post code: 6714967346, Kermanshah, Iran.
  • Noorbakhsh Hooti Associate professor, Razi University,Faculty of Arts,English Department, Post code: 6714967346, Kermanshah, Iran.
  • Babakhani Tahereh M.A. student of Persian Language and Literature, Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah, Iran


Inherent beauty in the light radiation of the Holy essence of God, conveying through the names, attributes, creatures and love, is an issue that initially has been observed in the great mystics’ perspectives. The aesthetes have also demonstrated the main principles of this school of thought in their works. Emanation of the Holy essence of God through his names and beautiful attributes is manifested in the abundant mysterious pages of the mystical literature; these concepts have emerged along with the sensational words and phrases, which are about seduction, cute coquetry and other features of the beloved in the Hafez’s poetic works. Thus, the present study aims at investigating these pearlike concepts under a new interpretation.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n2p227


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Zanganeh, E. R., Hooti, N., & Tahereh, B. (2013). Emanation of Beauty and Love in Hafez’s Sonnets. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(2), 227. Retrieved from https://www.richtmann.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/view/210