Technology Education and Action Research: Two Complementary Processes to Capacitate Teachers


  • Tomé Awshar Mapotse College of Education, Department of Science and Technology, University of South Africa (UNISA), PO Box 392 Pretoria 0003


Technology Education (TE) across Africa is a key part of improving human resource development. TE offers a multitude of benefits for the continent from improving education and knowledge sharing, to increasing exposure for African innovation with end results of improving the living conditions of the continent’s residents. The driving force behind Technology Education is teachers themselves. If teachers are not equipped to teach TE as a process the continent will continue to bear the brunt of unsavoury results unless radical interventions are implemented. It is against this background that Action Research (AR) come handy to emancipate TE teachers of five sampled schools from Mk1 Circuit in Limpopo Province of South Africa. AR was used as a means for radical interventions and it was implemented in South African schools. Some of the notable problems that contribute to the education crisis in South Africa are unqualified or under qualified teachers, large numbers of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, inadequate delivery of infrastructure, incompetent teaching and poor learner results. The AR cycles and spirals activities of observing, planning, acting and reflecting manage to professionally develop TE teachers from low self-esteem of teaching TE to a remarkable increased TE didactic and pedagogic knowledge levels. The study was underpinned by critical theory and guided by developmental action enquiry paradigm. Reflective questionnaires, non-participative observation and interviews were used to collect data. Action Research with technology teachers manages to closes the technology pedagogic content knowledge gap. It should be noted that TE is a late comer in both the national and international school curriculum arena.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n3p338


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