Natural Resources, Energy and Sustainable Development


  • Ademola Emmanuel Oluniyi Peace and Conflict Studies University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria


In its origin, the word resources mean life. Its root in the Latin word surgene, which represents the image of a spring that continually rises from ground. Like a spring, therefore, resources rise again and again, even if it has repeatedly been used and consumed. The use of natural resources however, rest on the power of self regeneration and call attention to the prodigious creativity of man. Natural resources can be classified into two, broad categories: flow or renewable and stock or non renewable. The flow resources are those that can be naturally renewed within short time, such as plant, water and animals. The stocks resources are those with fixed supply includes mineral oil and land. All are meant for the use of man and his sustenance. The process of renewal the resources have been found on the activity of human beings in the development of their environment. This process of renewal described the transition of resources from its natural state through the period of its first contact with man to its final stage. Men and their activities with the natural environment have however become conflicting. There have been problems and conflicts all over the world as a result of over utilization of the natural resources which has now created conflicts between men and environment and between man and man. Some of these problems arise from: water pollution, acid rain, deforestation, loss of natural animals, plant speeches and gas flaring. Thus has now called for natural resources, energy sustainable development.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n3p643


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