Phraseological Units Used in the Functional Styles in English and Albanian Language


  • Lediana Beshaj Lecturer at Tirana University Albania


Phraseological phrases are present everywhere and we see a fast growing role of phraseology in a wide range of linguistic disciplines .Scholarly attention has been focused on the semantic and syntactic properties of phraseological units, on various approaches , pragmatic function and cultural peculiarities. However this paper focuses on the stylistic properties of phraseological units and the textual environment and if we do really find phraseological units in different types of genre . Phraseological units are used by the speaker or writer who intends a particular stylistic effect and they are used in accordance to certain genres which are considered as different functional styles. By comparing ,contrasting and providing examples of phraseological units in different kind of functional style we aim to have a clear picture and actually see that they are present not only in colloquial level of discourse but they also stretch from fiction to non-fiction. The stylistic potential of the phraseological units is enormous .”Since phraseological units may be relevant stylistic devices, they are strong evidence of a level inside the stylistic system which has been termed ‘phraseo-stylistic’ (Glaser 1986b) and which combines the systemic and communicative aspects of linguo-stylistic analysis.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n2p453


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