The Auxiliary Verbs in the Latin and Albanian Text of Kuvendi i Arbënit


  • Elda Resmja Molla Professor of Latin language Faculty of Foreign Languages


The text of Kuvendi i Arbënit (Assembley of Arbën) is one of the most important text in the history of written Albanian language. It contains the Acts of Kuvendi i Arbënit, gathered by the order of Pope Clement XI, in 14 -15 January 1703. This text published in 1706, first in latin and then in Albanian, is an important source to elucidate most adequately the evolution of Albanian language in the beginning of XVIII century. Through this kind of text we may study Albanian common features in its grammatical structures. In fact it is not only a religious text, but also a text in which we can make several linguistic observations. Since our text is a translation from latin, it would be interesting to see how the auxiliary verbs of Latin are translated in Albanian. The author aims to point out the differences and similarities between Albanian modal verbs and Latin verba servilia, considering the important fact that both are indoeuropean languages.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n2p601


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