Does Anxiety Really Matters?


  • Ali Doğan International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Azamat Akbarov International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Researches show that exam anxiety is one of the negative factors having an effect on EFL. Experiments of EFL students and teachers also justifies these researches. With this study, the aim is to define the exam anxiety levels of Turkish EFL students and find out the reasons and results of this problem. It is also aimed to help our education system with the study on Turkish EFL students’ exam anxiety. In the study, exam anxiety scale has been applied to the students in the Foreign Language School of a private university, and the collected data has been analyzed. The study concluded with two main results, the first one of which is that EFL Turkish students have higher exam anxiety levels. The second result is that higher level of exam anxiety affects the language learning process of EFL Turkish students negatively. With the end of this study, conducting new researches and making new arrangements about lowering the exam anxiety of EFL Turkish students are suggested.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n9p681


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