The Relevance of Modern Technology Usage on the Business Ventures of Kenyan Women Entrepreneurs


  • Celestine Lugaye Ukpere
  • Andre D. Slabbert
  • Wilfred I. Ukpere


Technological advancement, the adoption of digital marketing and incorporation of digital platforms and websites have fundamentally changed the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa especially from a gender based perspective. Reduced data bundle rates, growth and spread of Internet use in Kenya has contributed to the development and incorporation of technology and digital tools by most women entrepreneurs in their business. During the last decade women based entrepreneurial ventures on the African continent has had to adapt and develop with the digital and modern technologies. This paper is a case study based on three business ventures, namely an informal small scale venture and two formal woman entrepreneurial ventures. The purpose of the paper was to establish the experiences of these women entrepreneurs with regards to their use of technology and digital marketing platforms, in order to ascertain their impact on the growth and development of their ventures. Incorporating technology tools in business has supported the survival and expansion of most Kenyan women entrepreneurs, through the creation of competitive advantages that allows and encourages prosperity within a global economic setting. This enables technology and digital marketing platforms to be categorised as an important strategic component and tool in modern commercial ventures. Women entrepreneurs on the African continent seem to have adapted to these new developments. This paper also reports specifically on the findings of an online survey conducted in Kenya in 2013, which investigated the experiences of women entrepreneurs in adapting and incorporating online social network platforms and digital tools in both the formal and informal sectors. This paper further explains the role digital technology tools such as ICTs, Online Marketing, and E-Marketing including the Social media platforms, play to enhance Kenyan women entrepreneurial ventures.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n10p58


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