Language and Power in Cross River State, Nigeria


  • Mercy Ugot
  • Mathew Nsing Ogar


This work focuses on the languages of Cross River State and their relative relevance in the state. Cross River State is a multilingual state with many of Nigeria’s minority languages to be found within it. The paper examines the relative status and functions of the languages in use in the state and their relevance to affairs of the state. The languages have been seen to be state languages, Local Government Area (LGA) languages while others do not have any functional status. Coupled with other non-indigenous languages in the state, some languages are official; others are second languages, lingua francas, trade languages etc. in importance. They are used in the domain of administration, politics, education, trade etc. in the state. For the other indigenous languages in particular, it is suggested that though they are not state languages and are not in use outside of their immediate environment, they should be developed in order to maintain the identity and history of the people.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n10p648


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