Awareness and Use of Non Chemical Prevention and Control of Storage Pests of Grains: An International Audience Perpspective


  • G.M Adebo
  • O.I Oladele


The study examines the awareness and use of non-chemical methods of prevention and control of storage pests of grains from an international audience perspective. A total of 21 experts that participated in the International research and development course on Food security and grain storage technologies and Management technology training programme in Israel was utilized for the study, while a structured questionnaire was used to elicit information from them. Frequency counts and percentages were used in data analysis, and pie chart was employed in result presentation. Findings confirmed a very high rate of grain loss to storage pests across the globe with most farmers utilizing the chemical control measures only. The use of probe traps is the most common non chemical prevention/ control measures people are aware/ conversant with, followed by the use of light and pheromones while the awareness of the use of food, carton and water are still very low among the respondents. Perception of the applicability of the use of food, pheromones, light and cartons as non-chemical methods of storage pests’ prevention and control was very high among the respondents. The study established the relative advantages of the non-chemical control methods over the chemical methods as being cheap, readily available, easily applicable and affordable. It recommends the extensive spread of information on the use of non-chemical control method of storage pests among farmers; capacity building of extension agents and farmers, local manufacture of Probe traps and improved electricity supply to enhance effective utilization of light. Demonstrations of these methods should be made to farmers via multi-media to ensure their adoption.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n15p150


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Awareness and Use of Non Chemical Prevention and Control of Storage Pests of Grains: An International Audience Perpspective. (2014). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(15), 150.