Effective Teaching of Conservation of Mechanical Energy


  • Rankhumise Mmushetji Petrus
  • Raphoto Mosoalibisi
  • Joseph Ramathibela Maimane


This study investigated learners’ alternative conceptions of and conceptual difficulties of conservation of mechanical energy energy. The research sample consisted of thirty seven (37) learners enrolled at a South African high School situated in a rural village, in the Northwest Province. A pre-test/ post-test comparison group design was followed. Data analysis was carried out by the use of the average normalized gains. The questionnaire that served as pre- and post-test probed into learners' alternative conceptions and conceptual difficulties of mechanical energy. The effectiveness of the intervention was indicated by the amount of conceptual change accomplished that followed from a calculation of the normalised learning gain. The inquiry teaching was implemented through the 5E instructional model.The teaching and learning experiences were designed using situations and experiences that were familiar to the learners and the success of the intervention to accomplish change was assessed and the normalized learning gains was found to be 72%.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n15p200


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