Intermediate and Senior Phase Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of Curriculum Advisors


  • Stanley A Adendorff
  • Trevor Moodley


Not much is known officially about the ways in which mathematics teachers experience their relationship with the curriculum advisor. This descriptive study investigated, by survey, the views and experiences of a convenient sample of intermediate and senior phase mathematics (grades 4-9) teachers with respect to the curriculum advisory services at schools in the Western Cape, South Africa. The results indicate that these teachers considered the role and job description of the curriculum advisor to be mainly centred on their immediate teaching needs. Consequently, they were unsure about mathematics curriculum-related expectations. Results also indicate a distant relationship with the curriculum advisor with minimal interaction and communication. The majority of teachers reported never having had experiences of their lessons being observed by the mathematics CA, though many respondents still expressed a desire for receiving specialised support from the CA. The findings of this study may be used proactively to inform the planning and design of any future curriculum advisory provision directorates or inspectorates.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n15p424


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