Factors and Challenges Associated with Participation in Community Sport in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, South Africa


  • H. A. Koloba
  • J. Surujlal


Research concerning leisure activity, recreation and sport for the youth has attracted increasing attention. This is especially true for community sport. Community sport is pivotal because community sport organisations can provide opportunities for members to participate actively, thereby enhancing social engagement and community cohesion. The purpose of the study was to identify possible factors and challenges that may influence participation in community sport in Eldorado Park. A qualitative research approach utilising semi-structured interviews was adopted for the study. The sample of the study comprised key community members of Eldorado Park, a suburb south of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Key members in the context of this study are those individuals who played a significant role in uplifting the community through organising and supporting community sport. Snowball sampling was used to recruit participants who were resident in the community for at least ten years. An interview schedule, which focused on opportunities and constraints of participating in community sport, was developed for the study. Two researchers who were experienced in qualitative research were requested to pre-test the interview schedule. Interviews were recorded and transcribed. The transcripts were subjected to content analysis with the aim of developing themes emanating from the analysis. The findings from the in depth interviews revealed several factors and challenges associated with participation in community sport in Eldorado Park. Five broad themes, namely facilities, undesirable behaviour, stakeholder involvement, social factors and resources were identified through the analysis of the transcripts. A multilateral intervention involving community members, the municipality and businesses is therefore necessary to attract community members and especially the youth, to participate in community sport. This will be helpful in curbing undesirable risk behaviours in the community such as alcohol, illicit drug abuse and gangsterism.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n20p30


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