Military Operation as a Response to Terrorism: A Case Study of Malakand Division Pakistan


  • Manzoor Khan Afridi
  • Musab Yousufi
  • Musa Khan


After 9/11 attacks Pakistan joined the anti-terrorists block like United States, and gave much support to them against insurgent and terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Therefore Pakistan is also facing more difficulties and complexities, like death and destruction because of frontline ally. The consequences of those policies also brought terrorism in Pakistan, to counter that terrorism Pakistan use hard powers and military operations for its elimination. Terrorism and military operation has a strong effect on the behavior of people and plays destructive role in the disturbance of people’s lives and government activities in the region. In Malakand division where the literacy is low, people have strong belief on religion, having strict cultural norms therefore it was easy for insurgent groups that they misguide the innocent people with misinterpretation of religion. According to research government negligence was responsible for terrorism and military operations in the region. But government did not use and tried all other measures particularly diplomatic means or peace deal, before resorting to operation. This all lacks open room for insurgent groups to have footing there in Malakand division.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n20p2000


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Military Operation as a Response to Terrorism: A Case Study of Malakand Division Pakistan. (2014). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(20), 2000.