Generational Sub-cultures: Generation Y a Sub-culture?


  • Michelle Moss
  • N. Martins


The aim of this study was to determine (1) if there is a difference between Baby Boomers’, Generation X’s and Generation Y’s perceptions of organisational culture and if so, (2) to determine if generational sub-cultures are formed within an organisation as a result of these different perceptions. A qualitative research design was utilised that sampled employees (n = 455) within a large South African ICT company who completed the South African Culture Instrument (SACI). The data was statistically analysed to determine employees’ perceptions of organisational culture and to establish if generational sub-cultures exist within the organisation. This study indicates that generational sub-cultures can be identified within the organisation based on significantly different perceptions of five of the seven dimensions of organisational culture examined. Identifying generational sub-cultures within an organisation can lead to the development of an organisational talent management strategy for effectively attracting, managing and retaining generationally-diverse employees.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n21p147


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